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Give your employees a specified amount of credit per week / month for them to spend on their lunch as they wish.

Contribute a fixed amount towards each employee meal, with the option to cap in a month.

Provide lunch for your hardworking employees. Create and flexibly manage groups and total allowances.


It's time to change the way we eat at work. 

In this guide you'll discover the impact of food on employee wellbeing and learn how to bring wellness into the office.


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What's included in the guide?

Nutrition in the workplace

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Ideas and tips for nutrition perks at work

You'll learn about...

The role of employers and benefits to them

The link between wellbeing and nutrition

Investing in employee wellbeing can be one of the best things your company does, with one survey estimating a 900% ROI on the implementation of wellness initiatives.

With such a range of wellness initiatives on offer - where do you start? And what route will bring the best return in terms of engagement, reducing absenteeism and employee happiness?

In this guide we explore the one area that affects every employee: Food. 

We all have to eat during the workday — over half of us eat more than one meal a day at the office — so how can employers reshape this daily routine for the better?

Bring wellness into the office

For HR pros, office management + business leaders

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Transform wellness at work.

Corporate wellbeing and why it's important