Feedr solves all your business catering needs, from boardroom lunch platters to team breakfasts or events. We work with over 100 high quality caterers, restaurants, cafes and delivery kitchens across London, and make it easy to order and receive great food to your office.

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Give your employees a specified amount of credit per week / month for them to spend on their lunch as they wish.

Contribute a fixed amount towards each employee meal, with the option to cap in a month.

Provide lunch for your hardworking employees. Create and flexibly manage groups and total allowances.


Discover the key building blocks to creating the ultimate perks program to help you reward and retain staff.


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What's included in the guide?

Build A Winning Employee Perks Program in 2020.

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Ideas and inspiration for employee perks

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Toolkit to build a perks program

Insight from experts across multiple industries

Top trends to watch in 2020

How to define your company culture

We know that workplaces are changing.

Over the past decade we've seen massive shifts in the demographic and demands of workers, coupled with the emergence of an ‘always on’ work culture, blurring the lines between work and home life.

As employee values shift, the traditional cookie-cutter approach to the 'staff benefits package' is no longer effective, and a new standard is being set by the world’s leading tech firms, hoping to lure in and retain the best talent with seemingly never-ending perks.

In this guide we explore the building blocks of a winning perks program and arm you with the knowledge to create a workplace environment that champions health, wellbeing and employee engagement.

Bring your staff benefits into the modern day.

For HR pros, office management + business leaders

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