Feedr solves all your business catering needs, from boardroom lunch platters to team breakfasts or events. We work with over 100 high quality caterers, restaurants, cafes and delivery kitchens across London, and make it easy to order and receive great food to your office.

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Give your employees a specified amount of credit per week / month for them to spend on their lunch as they wish.

Contribute a fixed amount towards each employee meal, with the option to cap in a month.

Provide lunch for your hardworking employees. Create and flexibly manage groups and total allowances.


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How does Cloud Canteen work?

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A fresh menu every day

Employees order online

Meals arrive together

Featuring top sustainable vendors, and options for all dietary requirements, to ensure there is always something your team will love.

Individuals view menus and place orders via their personal Feedr account. Admins can apply credits to give staff discounts or free meals.

All meals get delivered together, each individually named and labelled so everyone knows which is theirs. Plus, delivery is free!

Hand-picked vendors

Choose from over 100 top vendors and customise Cloud Canteen to suit your teams needs, tastes and dietary requirements.

Our vendor partners source ethically, champion sustainability, and make fresh meals on site, daily.

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Transform food at work

Give employees more nutritional transparency and flexibility in their meal choices

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A hands-off solution that allows your team to order food themselves whilst letting your admins manage everything in one central place.

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"A perk with multiple benefits"

"Feedr gives our employees access to free meals daily, which is great for team morale and engagement. New starters are always thrilled when we reveal it as a perk too.

On a Friday, the team rush to find out what’s on next week’s menus and we have found it has encouraged our employees to socialise more at lunch time."

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Offer your workforce personalised food perks, at scale. 

Whether you’re feeding a team of 100 or 1,000+ for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Feedr provides a flexible food solution that champions employee wellness and quality.

The #1 food solution for enterprise-level businesses

Drive up to 30% cost savings on your food spend with our zero food waste model

Support your corporate sustainability strategy with carbon-neutral deliveries and sustainable vendors


A personalised health and wellbeing perk

Cloud Canteen enables employees to set personal food goals so that they can keep track of their nutrition.

Our algorithms use user preferences and food goals to build tailored menus and content.

Boost employee engagement, health and productivity in your company

Feedr transforms how you eat at work making it easy to build unique food programs, tailored precisely to employee and business needs.

Get employee engagement analytics

Get thousands of data points on employee uptake, and engagement to understand ROI and assess impact.

On average we see a 10% increase in employee engagement through adoption of our Cloud Canteen software.

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